Best Jackson 5 Songs - My current favorites and fan must haves!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know just how much I love the Jackson 5 catalogue. I actually became a big fan of the Jackson 5 as a middle school student- a time where I could relate to the voices that were singing to me. Now as an adult, I STILL listen to and enjoy the Jackson 5 so I thought it would be cool to talk about some of my all time favorite songs and collections.


Now I know some of you may be asking yourselves, “MJFANGIRL- I thought this was a website about Michael Jackson? Why do we need to listen to the Jacksons music?”

Well- it’s always been my belief that listening to Jackson 5 music is ESSENTIAL to being a Michael Jackson fan. I’m not saying you have to love it or even LIKE it but, it’s important to familiarize yourself with it, if you want to understand Michael Jackson totally. It’s important to know his ORIGIN. The cool thing about Michael Jackson is that he has a career spanning over 4 decades, so we really have a chance to experience the evolution of his voice, his dance, his performances, his artistry as a whole. It’s been a lot of fun exploring Michael’s growth for me and I have listed a few of my favorite tracks and merch suggestions below, for those who also want a similar experience.


If you are new to the Jackson 5, I highly recommend you start with an Anthology or collection of songs that have been curated for new listeners. The very first CD I ever owned was actually “Jackson 5 Anthology” and I think it’s a great starting point for any one who is looking to dig deeper into the beginnings of Michael Jackson’s career. It was originally released on vinyl as a triple vinyl in 1976, after most of the Jacksons had already left Motown. It was rereleased in 2000 on CD, which is the version I know and love. (LINK HERE)

Note: I also have this in vinyl but, I recommend CD because the songs are a little different and in my opinion, more comprehensive on the CD.

Here is a list of my favorite Jackson 5 songs, all found on the anthology:

  1. Maybe Tomorrow

  2. Dancing Machine

  3. Looking Through the Windows

  4. Never Can Say Goodbye

  5. Forever Came Today

  6. It’s Too Late to Change the TIme

  7. I Am Love

  8. All I Do Is Think of You

  9. We’re Here to Entertain You

  10. Who’s Loving You

  11. ABC

  12. The Love You Save

  13. I Want You Back

  14. I’ll Be There

All of these are songs that really showcase not only Michael’s ability as a singer but, also showcase the duet of Michael and Jermaine that was the signature for so many classic Jackson 5 songs. I hope that if you’re new to the Jackson Five you consider listening to some of the songs I’ve listed.

I have to be honest with you guys, I’ve been wanting to do a lot more videos and content about the Jackson 5 because it’s so dear to my heart so you can expect a lot more from me on that front coming up this summer. If you have any other suggestions or comments/questions- make sure to leave em . here on this post!

Til next time, xo